Time Travel (2019)

Art director/Creator: Hae Dn Kim
Composer: Carlos Cernadas

‘Time Travel’ is a video installation featured in ‘Voyager 2’ exhibition at LCCA Gallery, London in April 2019. It’s a story of a 3D human-like character travelling across 0 to 4-dimensional space. The character exploring abstract forms in the futuristic environment makes the audience to imagine and rethink about the unknown outer space. 

‘Voyager 2’ is the extension of previous exhibition ‘Voyager 1’, held by Melanie Chappuis, Danae Valterio and Hae Dn Kim as a team, to show different traces of humanity and a general aspect of our lives through a various range of media from video installations to paintings, fabrics and photographs.

︎︎︎ Watch full video ‘Time Travel’