Missing Blue (2019)

Campaign Design + Music video: Hae Dn Kim

Food takes a crucial role in our lives and it’s getting bigger and bigger. Now we have abundance food choices but too often we neglect or overlook how food waste causes serious environmental issues. Even though climate change and resource depletion are now widely recognised, efforts towards change remain weak and fragmented.

‘Missing Blue’ is a campaign to help people to understand our sustainable food system and encourage them to grow plants through the music video. A music video illustrates the documentation of people’s engagement in producing sound and the animation of the plant's growth in response to the sound.

With this campaign, it enables the audience not only enjoying the music but also link music to plants and get involved in its goal to achieve at least one per cent more productivity every year to halving emissions until 2050. Music helps plants growth and health, which is equal to our health.

︎︎︎ Watch full video  ‘Missing Blue’