Avatar (2019)

Visual ID/Publication Design: Hae Dn Kim

The Age of data over flow, we engage in numerous acts of intentional and unintentional publishing through our various data trails. A generative identity of a robot will be everyone's personalised avatar in the future.

The avatar controls our mood, check the physical health and have the function of 1 to 1 talk along with the basic function of the phone, laptop and card payment. It is eco-friendly absorbing carbon dioxide and exchanged into oxygen. It is transformable that the owner can adjust the size and the form. At last, it is auto-charged which means it will last forever. And that’s how ‘the world of robots’ become a reality.

The publication was activated at canteen in Central Saint Martins where students and staffs have foods, take a rest and work in an exciting environment. It is to enlarge the depth of interactivity with the audience to create the more exciting physical environment.